The well known HKS Hipermax IV-GT Coilover kit is well known around the Subaru Community. Being known for their stiff feel and low stance, the HKS coilers offwers some real bonuses, but be careful, because they can bite back.

The Coilovers retail around $1,486.65 and can suit any driver along with their ride height preference.  HKS also offers a stiffening and dampening functionality with their suspension. The tight feel with the coilers gets the job done on the track, but is it the same to say for the street? Now, the opinions we give might alter depending on where you live, but on the street, they aren’t the most cozy suspension out there.

First, The road noise: Driving under the speed of around 50mph, it isn’t noticeable, but on the freeway, the coilers can make some very noticeable humming as you drive. Although this doesn’t bother some drivers, it can really turn off the others.

The suspension also steers away from the traditional Subaru Coilover feel, If you are seeking a more race feel on the street, these coilers can really do you good.

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