Subaru has always delivered a Promising car for what you pay for, but as we know, When you start playing around with the power, your brakes suddenly feel horrifying. Brakes can play one of the biggest factors in your build, the faster you go, the faster you need to be able to stop. Although the stock Brembo brake kit is pleasing, depending on what kind of braking power you desire, you have many different rotor material options. Project Mu provides a great brake rotor called the SCR. The SCR is made up of FC cast-iron with a carbon fibre alloy. The amount of heat these bad boys can take is unbelievable, but they’ll scream at you, literally. The SCR’s do make some good screeching noise and can be noticeable by someone far away. But once they’re heated up properly, the braking G’s will push you into the steering wheel. Especially under braking, the project Mu’s deliver a smooth ride and let the driver comfortably turn under extreme braking power.

Trendline is soon becoming partners with StopTech brakes and rotors. Our logo with be delivered on the caliper with a clean finish.




Encinitas, CA